Revenue Sharing Sites That Can Help You Earn 8

Notta Lotta money in your wallet?  We realize that as we talk about mastering your money here sometimes the first step is to get some extra income to master.  Why not sign up for a few revenue sharing sites to help you earn a little more from writing online?  If you’ve got a few thoughts […]

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find your greatness

Rise and find your greatness!

Looking for a little motivation?  It’s time to get up and find your greatness!  I’m always looking for anything or any reason to get more motivated.  I came across this really cool video that help get you up and get you going.  It’s a quick three minutes but well worth the time it take to […]

Writer Town Review, a revenue sharing site

The first thing that catches your eye is that you can earn 100% of the ad revenues from your articles.  I admit that is what caught my attention anyway.  So I thought I would write a Writer Town review. Take a look and see a little more of what this site is about. Worpress Platform […]

Writer Town review

creating a family budget

Creating a Family Budget

Things are Tight, It’s Time to Take Charge We’ve all been there, it is a week before payday and the checking account is empty. For some, it means dipping into emergency savings for the week, but for many Americans it means pulling out the credit card to survive and wondering how they spent their money […]

When the Game Stands Tall

The movie comes out later in August, but I was able to go to an advance VIP screening of the show. Being a sports enthusiast I really enjoy sports related movies, especially the fight to overcome.   When the Game Stands Tall is a movie is about the De La Salle High School football team. […]

when the game stands tall

balance transfer offer credit card

How to Compare Balance Transfer Offers

  It happens to the best of us, we take a vacation, buy some Christmas gifts or maybe even just had an unplanned emergency and now you have a balance on your credit card. You are probably realizing just how much you spent and are looking for a low-cost way to pay off the balances […]

Bubblews Review, a revenue sharing site 2

Here’s my Bubblews review.  it is a relatively new site that has only been around for a couple of years, but in this short time it has seen some tremendous growth and has become a great revenue sharing site.  Like any young tech company you can expect a few bumps along the way as they […]

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revenue sharing dailytwocents

DailyTwoCents review, a revenue sharing site

DailyTwoCents is a revenue sharing site that is pretty easy to get started with.  Here are a few things you should know to help you get started earning when you write. WordPress Platform works on a wordpress platform.  For those of you who have a wordpress blog the transition will be really simple.  It […]

How to Create Two Incomes from One Stock

Have you ever wondered if you are maximizing your investment income?  I will show you how you can create two incomes from one stock, maximizing your return while waiting for the growth to occur. You can do this with dividends and options. Open an online brokerage account and get approved to trade options. This is […]

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foreclosure auction

6 Tips for Buying a Home at a Foreclosure Auction

With all of the foreclosures that are taking place, many people are looking to take advantage of purchasing a home through the foreclosure auctions. However, the process is not always as simple as it may seem. Keep in mind there are many pitfalls so like they say, “buyer beware”! Here are a few tips to […]