Closet Organizing 101


Okay, so you finally have lost those twenty pounds from the holidays and now it is game on to see if you can fit into those jeans from two years ago. However, the only way to find these jeans is to organize your closet. Also, why are you wearing two different colored socks to work? Now I know you want to go to work with matching socks, but those creepy stares from your co-workers wondering if you are a drinker or just a scatter brain have finally freaked you out. Show up bright and early on Monday morning and prove to everyone that you can indeed dress yourself and put on matching socks without the aid of your toddler.

The closet that you envisioned is now a mound of clothes, shoes, belts, gifts, wrapping paper, a few cute dolls from your childhood, and some old love letters from twenty years ago. This may seem daunting at first, but with my simple tips, you will be done in no time, and can attend that terrific party with the handsome John F. Kennedy Jr. lookalike.

So, let’s get started.


Step 1.

Take out all of your clothes, shoes, boxes, belts, everything in your closet, leaving nothing but an empty floor.


Step 2.

Vacuum, dust or wash down the walls and the floor of your closet since you want to have a clean area to start with.


Step 3.

If you have the money and the time, you could call and have a professional closet company team come in and build a new structure, but those companies are very expensive. You could also go to the Container Store and have their team design a closet for you as well, but once again, it is not cheap. So, this article is for the people who don’t have thousands of dollars to splurge on a new closet system.


Step 4.

Lay out all of your clothes on your bed and floor and start making piles. For example, put all shirts together, pants together, belts together, sweaters together, you get the idea.


Step 5.

Now look for anything that is ripped, soiled, stained and discard it.
If it is usable but you don’t want it, start a donation bin. Try on your clothes as well to make sure everything fits accordingly. Keep making different bins or piles such as donation, throw out, to keep, family/friends, etc.


closet organizing

Step 6.

Now, get a pad of paper and pen and write down in separate columns how many shirts, pants, skirts, coats you have so you can buy the exact hangers. I suggest buying all new matching hangers so it looks appealing and matching. You will want an exact count so you don’t over buy hangers which can clutter up a closet. Make sure you buy the proper hangers for each garment since that can make a big difference in how your clothes look on you. You don’t want those puffy hanger nubs that one can get because you put your shirt on the wrong hanger. Try to buy slim hangers since that will allow for more space in your closet. However, buy thick wooden hangers for heavier coats.


Step 7.

If you have a shelf in your closet, buy boxes and dividers so you can divide sweaters and other items that will fit on the shelf. Keep all like colors together when stacking your sweaters. Once you have bought all the correct organizing products, start putting the clothes back starting with blazers, shirts, pants, skirts, shorts. Within each category of clothing, make sure you keep all like colors together. All white shirts together, all navy blazers together, etc. Keep other mementos up in the attic or basement depending on the subject matter. Dust and clean all of your shoes and sneakers and either use a shoe rack or put in clear boxes on the top shelf.


Step 8.

Take a picture and do an inventory of everything for insurance purposes. If you don’t have a picture or an inventory of your valuables, chances are slim that your insurance company will reimburse you if something bad happens like a flood or fire. Give a copy of this inventory to your Attorney who keeps your will, and then another copy in a fire safe box. Side note: Do inventories of everything that is of value in your home and take pictures.



Lastly, here are a few apps that you will find very helpful in keeping you on track.
30/30-best for managing your time and this app will list, prioritize and assign the time you want to spend on each task. The timer will let you know when your time is up for each task-works on Apple.
Alarmed-it wakes you up on your ITunes playlist-works on Apple. MindMeister-best for mapping out a goal, it gives you main action items, branches them out with all the steps, attach URL’s to each item, refer to it or email it to someone else. This works on Apple and Android.

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