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Having a Disney Credit card can be kind of fun.  I have one.  Well, it’s really my wife’s card.  She wants to earn a trip to Disneyland with her Disney credit card.  You get rewards each time you use the card, but are the rewards worth the risk you are taking by using a credit card?  Let’s take a closer look at the Disney credit card.


Disney credit card

Disney Credit Card Benefits.

There are actually 2 different Disney credit cards, the premier card and the rewards card.  They each have a few different benefits.  On the rewards card, or basic card) you can earn a $50 bonus when you first use the card.  That’s pretty cool, if you make sure you pay off the card right away.  Another of the benefits is that you get points for each dollar you spend.  From our experience it comes out to 1% or a point per dollar.  Each point is worth a dollar at Disney resorts or stores, so it’s pretty easy to use.


The other Disney credit card is the premier card.  With the premier card you get the same rewards when you spend money except that you get double when you spend money at the grocery store, gas station and most Disney locations.  It sounds pretty good, but in addition to the added benefits you also get to pay an annual fee of $49, where the rewards card is free.


Another benefit of the premier Disney credit card is that you can use your rewards points against the online travel that you book.  For example, you can purchase your plane tickets to go to Disneyland using your Disney credit card and then use the points you earn to pay down your balance of the card.


Another benefit available to Disney credit card holders is that you get what they call a vacation financing benefit.  Basically if you use your card to book vacation packages to Disney World, Disneyland, or many other Disney vacation resorts you can get interest free financing for 6 months.  I’d recommend calling ahead on this one to make sure your vacation qualifies.


How to use your Disney credit card rewards

For us this was the convenient part.  All we had to do was to log into our account and request a redemption of our Disney rewards dollars.  It was really simple.  They send you a card that works like a gift card that you can use at Disney locations.  We’ve used the card at both Disneyland and the local Disney store in the mall.


Where you can earn Disney credit card rewards?

The easy answer is that you can earn the Disney rewards dollars anywhere you use your card.  If you have the regular rewards card you can maximize the benefit of the card by using it for everyday purchases that you might normally make with a debit card.  You could also have automatic bills charged to the card.  I know some people who charge as many things as they can to their card to accumulate points faster.


Pitfalls of the Disney credit carddisney credit card terror

Like any credit card, the Disney credit card has some pitfalls.  Remember, the credit card company is in business to make money.  If you are late, expect a stiff fee.  If you go over the limit, expect a fee. Finally, if you carry a balance, be very careful.  The amount you pay in interest could easily exceed the amount you will earn in rewards. Be sure to read the terms and conditions before you jump in.


As of this post the current interest rate for the Disney Credit card is 14.24%.  If you spend $1000 on the card you earn 10 Disney reward dollars, but if you don’t pay if off quickly you would pay $142.40 in interest over the year.  In one month you will have paid more in interest than you earned on the purchase.


Would I recommend a Disney credit card?

Sure, if you are pretty good at managing your finances.  Remember that staying out of debt should be the goal.  With this type of card you’d probably have to be a big Disney fan (like my wife) and expecting to go on a vacation some day. Keep in mind though as you make your decision, the Disney credit card is a tool, not toy.

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