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Notta Lotta money in your wallet?  We realize that as we talk about mastering your money here sometimes the first step is to get some extra income to master.  Why not sign up for a few revenue sharing sites to help you earn a little more from writing online?  If you’ve got a few thoughts that you can put into words you can get started today with Notta Lotta work.

What are Revenue Sharing Sites?

Revenue sharing sites are those that you can write for and share in the income they earn on the site.  Most of the sites like this earn their revenues from advertisements on the site.  There are some out there that also earn from product sales.  Some of the sites even allow you to choose the products that are advertised on your pages.  What you can earn really depends on what goals you want to accomplish.  Here’s a list of 8 good revenue share sites that you can get started on today.

Revenue Sharing Sites

Here’s the quick and simple explanation.  You are helping to create a timeline of events for almost anything newsworthy.  Having been on the site for a quick review I can tell you it’s quick and easy to add a newsline.  The site has a 50-50 revenue sharing program.  Here’s how the revenue sharing works, you get 45% of all the revenues generated from your posts.  You can also earn 5% from the posts of those you refer.  So yes, that link above is a referral link. Check them out!  Currently on the site they state the main contributors earn about $.04 per 1000 page views.  It’s not much, but if you write on a news event that gets’s lots of views they can add up, and it doesn’t take much to create a quick newsline.

Writer Town

Any site that offers you 100% of the revenues has to be on our list here.  Writer town is a WordPress based site so if you are familiar it makes it even easier.  As far as the earning goes, you have to have your own Adsense or Chitika account and code to put in the system.  If you are a just starting out you may miss out on this benefit.  One cool thing they do offer is paid writing assignments through their email newsletter.  It might make it worth your while just for that, if you can get some of those assignments.  Read the Writer Town review here.

Hubpages will approve you to write quickly.  They have a few different ways to earn a little extra cash.  At the beginning you are already approved for the Hubpages earning program and their built in ad system.  You can also earn from adsense, eBay and Amazon, but first you must apply for each of these individually and once approved you then get activated with them on Hubpages.  Read the Hubpages review here.

Here you can write about most any topic, but the approval process is a little slower.  Expect some requests for improvements on your articles from time to time and expect to write lengthier articles.  Their payment structure is to share 75% of the ad impressions with you as the publisher of the article.

Redgage is a little different from the first revenue sharing sites listed.  They pay you for the page views as a calculated share of the revenues.  It is only about 60 cents per 1,000 views, but you can post just about anything.  It’s a great place to post your pictures that you like to share via links with your social networks.  You can post a single picture, or even just a link to another site as a piece of content.  It makes the process really simple.

On YMIDoingThis you can write on a variety of topics.  The approval process is simple and you can even include links back another site if you want.  To earn revenues with YMIDoingThis you need to have your own adsense account.  On the site you can enter your code and 80% of the adsense impressions will be with your code making it one of the highest paying revenue sharing sites.  There is not a restriction on the length of your articles either.

Dailytwocents is another simple to understand revenue sharing site.  You get paid for all of your unique page views.  Unique basically means they can tell if you are just visiting your pages over and over or if they visits come from different people.  They payout structure is simple too, you get ½ of a cent for each view.  They threshold is a low $5 and you have to have a paypal account to get paid.  As for writing, they have a low minimum word count of 100 words per article.  Super easy. Read more…

*UPDATE** – Bubblews is shutting down.  Here’s a quote from their page:


After being up and running for almost 3 years now we regrettably need to inform you that we will be shutting down. The climate for display advertising has drastically changed and made it impossible for us to sustain the business model and operations.

We want to thank everyone that was a part of this journey. We wish you all the very best.


If you write for Bubbles, I hope you were able to pull copies of all you wrote.  It looks like you can’t even get logged on anymore.

Here’s what they used to do: This one is really easy.  You can write about anything you want as long as you keep within their guidelines, which are very reasonable.  Here you earn by the number of page views your article (or bubble) has, along with the likes and comments you get from other members of the site.  Your articles on this site only have to be 400 characters to qualify.  Super simple, that’s about the length of 3 tweets.  It’s one of the easiest revenue sharing sites there is. Read More about Bubblews here.

**UPDATE**  – Squidoo is essentially merging with hubpages.  If you already had a Squidoo account all of your articles and pages will be transferred to a new account with Hubpages.  Although Squidoo had many good programs to help your earn as a revenue sharing site you’ll have to look to other sites now.

On squidoo you create lenses which are essentially web pages.  They have a bunch of different widgets you can add to your page to help it be unique.  They also offer widgets to help you make money like Amazon and eBay in addition to the revenues you can generate from the ads on the site.

**UPDATE** just received this notice from Teckler “We, of Team Teckler, are deeply sorry to inform that we are suspending all activities and turning off the site on September 20th 2014”

This is another site similar to Redgage in that you can create a Teck (post) quickly and easily.  They allow you to leave additional links too if you want.  You can also create a post with just a picture you want to share.  One thing that makes Teckler a little different is that you can also mark your articles available for sale, allowing others to use them on their sites.

**UPDATE**  As of May this year Helium has started to phase our their revenue sharing arm of the program.  If you haven’t already, now would be a good time to download all of the articles you have written.  As of December 2014 they are shutting down the program completely. 

Helium has an instant pay that’s kind of cool.  You get paid almost immediately after they get your article.  One of the downsides of helium though is that when you get published you lose all rights to your work, but hey, if you’re just trying to make a little extra cash this might be a quick way to do it.  You can also earn a little residual from the ad revenues over time, but remember you got paid upfront so don’t expect too much too quickly.

Benefits of Revenue Sharing Sites

You might wonder why you should write for one of the revenue share sites as opposed to just creating your own website.  After all if you are going to take the time to get approved for your own adsense account, eBay partner account and maybe even Amazon as an affiliate, why should you share the potential revenue with someone else?  Here’s one good reason:  the network.  Most of these sites have built a network of members that frequent the sites daily looking for good articles to read.  More readers equals more traffic and more potential income.  Need another reason?  A lot of these revenue sharing sites do their own marketing and advertising to get the word out.  Some of them help you promote your work by publishing your links on their social media sites.

Notta Lotta Action Items

  1. Visit a few of the revenue sharing sites that sound interesting to you.
  2. Join and post your first article.
  3. Make some revenue goals to help you succeed.

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12 thoughts on “Revenue Sharing Sites That Can Help You Earn

  • Elvis

    Hi Notta Lotta admin, great list of revenue sharing sites! I am just dropping in to see if you’d be kind enough to list on your article.

    We offer 100% revenue share (AdSense or Chitika required), users can post their previously-published articles for syndication purposes, and we do much of the promotion for them via our newsletter and Facebook.


  • Michael Vilay

    Bubblews at the top, shame on you. =)

    Also you mention how being on a rev-share network like Hubpages is beneficial because of increased traffic, “Hubbers” do not get paid for internal traffic, much like many of the sites you mentioned. You might want to update your information little further.

    • Adam Post author

      Good point Michael. On some sights, the internal traffic you get from other members reading your article may not earn you a penny, but what about the potential for affiliate commissions if they actually stop and purchase a product after reading your article?

    • Adam Post author

      Yeah, Bubblews at the top. It’s just one of the newer more well known and super easy sites to get started on. No experience required (and in some cases, no skill either), but they still pay me and I can’t argue with that.

  • Rohit Singh

    great post thanks for sharing because it acts like two edge sword one is we get backlinks other we can also make money and increase our blog traffic so it’s worth trying, Hope to give it a try very soon

  • Alexandria Gunn

    Writedge is another site that’s worthwhile. It’s Daily Two Cent’s sister site, and requires a 400 word minimum. Most of the other stuff is the same.

    As for Helium, that one announced a few months ago that it was shutting down.

  • Susan

    Most of the sites on your list are okay but I would tread lightly with Bubblews. They just changed their pay structure.

    People aren’t making as much money as they did a few years ago, on Hubpages. Still, it is a site with great community and decent content.

    DailyTwoCents is nice and I like the low payout threshold.

    • Adam Post author

      Yeah, that last change was very disappointing, especially for those who live outside the USA. They basically changed from a simple pay per page view to what their site always advertised, which is a share of the revenues earned. Advertisers simply pay more for USA views. That said, even if you are from some other country you could still write and promote your article with a focus on getting listed with Google instead of focusing on the connections with other Bubblews members. That way you could probably do better in the long run.

      Thanks for your comments, Susan.

  • Mark Devlin

    Hi, check out my site, Newslines ( We are different from most other revenue-share sites because our users create news summaries that are combined into timelines. We have literally millions of topics to write about. A big advantage of our site is that, unlike blog posts that only last a few days, our content is used as a reference and lasts a long time. Contributors can build a portfolio of content and watch it grow in value. We share 50% revenue on all user-generated pages. You can also invite others to the site and earn on their earnings. Find out more here.

  • Michael Pearce

    Hi Adam,
    This is a great list. I wanted to ask if you would consider adding to your list. We offer 85% Adsense revenue sharing. We specialize in featuring funny/interesting/cute articles like those seen on Mashable and Buzzfeed (the kind that people love sharing on social media).

    We’re growing quickly and looking for quality writers to share revenue with.
    Thanks :)