Time Saving Tips for Your Tech with David Pogue

Back in 2013 David Pogue gave a presentation at TED Talks where he covered some time saving tips for technology that many assume we all know, but as it turns out we really don’t.  These are all simple things that will save you a minute or two while using your tech.

Web time saving tips

1.  While you are on the web you don’t need to use the mouse to scroll down the page, you can use the space bar instead.  Hitting the spacebar scrolls down a page or holding the shift key and spacebar takes you back up.  It works on every browser.  It may even help you read this article quicker.

2.  Also on the web when filling out forms you can simply hit the tab key to go from section to section and when you get to the state on your address just hit the first letter of the state consecutively until your state comes up.

3.  One more web tip, if you need larger text all you have to do is hit Control  +(plus) to make larger text and if it gets too big, hit control –(minus) to make it smaller.

Phone Time Saving Tips

time saving tips4.  On android phones when you are typing a note you don’t have to hit so many buttons to finish a sentence and start a new one, just hit the space key two times and it will add a period, the spaces and capitalize the first letter to start the next sentence.

5. Another quick phone tip on your cell phone for when you are calling someone who just called you.  Just hit the call button to bring up the last call that you made.  Then just hit call again to dial it.

6.  Tired of annoying messages and directions when you want to leave a message, you can hit the # on AT&T or T-Mobile, or * on Verizon to jump from the message to immediately record your message.  You do have to now the carrier of the person you are calling thought since it is different with each carrier.

Google Time Saving Tips

7.  Did you know that Google is also a dictionary, in the search bar just type in “define” and the word you are looking for to instantly get the definition of the word.

8.  You can also use Google as a complete FAA database of all flights, simply type name of the airline and the flight and you’ll quickly see the schedule.

9.  Google also converts units of measurement just type what you are trying to convert like “30 inches to centimeter”  or you can abbreviate the words inches and centimeters too to save even more time.

Camera Time Saving Tips

11. Everyone has a camera, and most have experienced shutter lag.  Here’s how to avoid it.  When you are getting ready to take a picture, us the pre-focus by pressing the picture button half way and holding it.  When you are ready to take the picture just press it the rest of the way down

Presentation Time Saving Tips

12.  When working with presentations and you want to redirect the audience to you all you have to do is hit the B key to black out the slide and then hit it again to put it back on the screen.  This also works with the W key but instead of a blackout you get a white screen.


Well if I haven’t wasted too much of your time with these time saving tips you might also want to watch the short presentation.  It’s about five and a half minutes long and may help you to remember the tips better as you watch.  Here’s the video:


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