Tony Hawk CEO and Pro Skateboarder


Tony Hawk CEOTony Hawk is without a doubt of the greatest skateboarders and action sports athlete turned businessman that we’ve ever seen! He laid the foundation for so many of the professional skateboarders that we see today. While many know Tony Hawk pro skateboarder, fewer know Tony Hawk CEO. I wanted to find out exactly what it is that makes him so successful as both an action sports athlete as well as a CEO. I’ve always believed that if you find an example or mentor that already demonstrates the type of success that you want to achieve, you will immediately shorten the amount of time that it takes for you to become successful. You are able to use their experiences as references without actually having to experience those same situations. So as both an action sports enthusiast and businessman, I felt it very appropriate to find out what Tony Hawk CEO and skateboarder has learned along his journey to success over the years. I’ve listed 5 keys to success from the book “How Did I Get Here,” by Tony Hawk CEO.


5 Keys to Success by Tony Hawk CEO and Skateboarder 

  1. Never get cocky about your professional success, because the good luck that got you there can turn bad fast.
  2. I’ve learned to stick with what I know and to pay close attention to the letters and emails and everyday comments I get from fans. … If someone is willing to pay money for a product that has my name on it and then takes the time to communicate with me about it, I’d be an idiot not to listen.
  3. Once you find your passion, run with it. Ignore what peers or career counselors say. Whatever you pick, as long as you truly love it, get really good at it. That means spending a lot of time at it.
  4. Once you’ve achieved proficiency, innovate. That’s what will set you apart – when you become a pioneer among pioneers.
  5. Become a mentor. Encourage people who will inevitably rise to replace you. The higher you move up, the more you have to spend time in the street. And don’t preach. Instead, find the kids who are doing what you did at that age, and have the humility to let them tell you what’s going on.


Based on Tony’s advice, it’s clear to see how and why he has achieved such great success both on and off of a skateboard. There is no doubt that we all can model some of his keys to success as we look to move forward with whatever task or goal we are working to accomplish. And remember; recognize and embrace your talents, get really good at them, and when you reach new levels of accomplishment never forget what got you there!


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