Tweeting, A Residual Income Idea

Tweeting for cash?  Really?  Yes!  You might not think its one of the top residual income ideas but let’s take a closer look at the possibilities.  This will take some work to get to the point that you are really earning some recurring income from tweeting but it is possible.

Build a Following

One of the first things you need to do before you can even really think about creating any type of online income from tweeting is to build a following.  There are a number of ways you can accomplish this.  There are services that will build your account for you, but I had this listed on the Free to Get Started section of our Residual Income Ideas post, so we’ll put that one off in the back of our minds for now.

To build a following for free you could join sites where users exchange following and other social media activities like page views, Facebook Likes and more.  It’s easy to build a following this way but it could be full of accounts and people who are not really your target audience.

You could also build a following by simply following others.  You’ll find that a lot of people reciprocate when followed.  If you can find the people who are in your target audience then you can start to build a following quickly.

A last way and probably the most effective way is to establish yourself as an authority in your topic of interest and reach out to others who are as well.   The Key here is to build a relationship with the people in your target audience and provide tweets they’ll enjoy so they want to follow you.

Find Sponsors

Once you have a following and you have a lot of interaction with your Twitter account you’ll need to find some sponsors, or advertisers to send messages for.  There are a few sites out there like and that you can sign up for and send tweets.  Some of them will pay your just for tweeting and others will pay you for the clicks generated from the tweet.

A second type of sponsor, or advertising partner would be to join an affiliate program.  You could then find products that benefit your followers and offer them.  Usually you get paid on the actual sale of the item through this method.

How to Make the Residual Income

So far this sounds like work, work, work, right?  That’s right it will take a lot of work to get it up and running but if you want to get to the point you can create some residual income you’ll have to put in some effort too.  Once you have built an account and have good activity, you can start to automate the process and then tweeting becomes a great residual income idea.  There are programs that you can upload and schedule hundreds of tweets at a time.  With some of the companies that pay you to tweet you can also set them up to tweet automatically.  Make sure you are comfortable with the types of tweets they send before you do this though.

Following these simple steps, although it will take some determination and a laser like focus to accomplish your goals, you’ll be able to accomplish your desire of creating some residual income.

In the words of Michael Jordan“To learn to succeed, you must first learn to fail.”

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