Writing for Revenue Sharing Sites, Getting started in 5 Simple Steps


Want to earn a little extra with your writing skills through revenue sharing?  There are a number of websites online that will let you write content and share in the revenues they earn.  There are few different varieties from sharing a percentage of the revenues, to paying for the number of page views, to sharing the opportunity to earn commissions from affiliate links.  Which one is best for you?  Well, it depends on where you are starting from.  We’ll take a look at it from a newbie’s point of view.  Here’s a few simple steps to get you started writing for revenues and earning a little online income.

Step 1  Get a computer

This seems pretty obvious, but we’re starting from scratch here.  You don’t really have to own a computer, you just have to have access to a computer and the internet.  Some of you may be reading this very article from your local library or even the school’s computer lab.  You can start there.  The point is that you need access to the computer and internet and need to be willing to dedicate some time to get started.

Step 2 Pick a Revenue Sharing Site 

Depending on your style of writing and experience there are a variety of sites you could write for.  We published an article with some of the top sites that share revenues here.  As a beginner just wanting to get some content published and see some quick results I would suggest something like Bubblews.  There is not a review process for your posts, so you can publish just about anything from things really technical to something as simple as what you ate for breakfast.  If you have a little more experience you may choose to write for sites like Hubpages who will review your work prior to publishing it.

revenue sharingStep 3 Brainstorm Ideas

For some this is where it starts getting a little more difficult.  The idea of writing and earning some income sounds great until you sit down at the computer and stare at the blank screen wondering what to write.  Sometimes it’s good to just jot down ideas when you are away from the computer, so when you sit down to write you have a bunch of ideas to work from.  It doesn’t hurt to carry a small notepad around with you, or you probably have a hundred different free apps you could use on your phone for something  like this.  I know a lot of people who use Evernote to do this.

Step 4 Do Some Research

Yeah, I know, this sounds like homework, but the truth is the more you know about a subject the better you’ll be able to write about it.  Besides, when you read about the subject you have chosen, you may find that there are number of different ideas and articles that will stem from the main article you’ve originally chosen.

For example,  you might choose to write about your new Disney credit card.  That first article might be about the Disney rewards dollars you can earn.  You could also write an article about the balance transfer deal they have, which could lead into how you choose a credit card in the first place to… you get the idea. It keeps on branching out until you have a whole list of things you could write about.

Step 5 Promote Your Article

What!  That’s what I thought too.  Once you write your article you still have a little more work to do.   For some of you this may be easy, especially if you already have a good following on Twitter or a lot of friends on Facebook.  You can promote your work there.   For others you’ll need to start building a following.  On a lot of sites you can connect with other writers.  You can use social media.  Finally you can build a following on search engines.  What that really means is do some work to get Google to send you some traffic by focusing your articles on keywords and topics people would type into search engines.  This is part of the SEO process.

To continually earn from revenue sharing sites you’ll have to keep on writing, connecting and interacting with others to promote your work.  If you want to use the revenue sharing sites to help create a residual income you’ll need to write your articles in a way that Google and other search engines rank them high in the search results, which will in turn result in people clicking a link to your articles over time.  Even if you only receive a few dozen visits a month it will start to add up with each article that receives that same number of clicks and over time you’ll have a portfolio of articles on sites that earn you some passive income.

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